About OMNI

About OMNI

Our business is construction. Our mission is partnership.

OMNI Construction is a full-service commercial general contracting and construction management company that can serve all of your build and management requirements.

OMNI business, as well as our solid reputation for quality construction, spans North America and Canada.  Our combination, of integrity and unmatched performance make OMNI Construction the perfect choice for any construction project.

Above all else, OMNI Construction has a clear goal in mind: To always exceed our customers’ expectations.  By bringing excellence to our building process, we have built a strong reputation, stand with integrity, and continue to develop long-standing relationships with our clients.  Expect the best… We do.


The OMNI Approach


Just as each project presents its own unique challenges, each OMNI project team consists of industry experts uniquely suited to the job. Their priorities revolve around the client’s best interests, not simply a budget or schedule.


Cutting-edge technologies monitor and manage every aspect of each project, to ensure end-to-end client involvement and cost-efficiency.  Audio/video conferencing, wireless messaging, digital imaging and 24/7 on-site video monitoring via web browser offer our clients and OMNI supervisors unique, real-time quality assurance from anywhere in the world.


True client partnership means recognizing the true reason for building: new commercial opportunities. For budget planning, job forecasting and project scheduling, OMNI combines decades of successful experience, strategic partnering and the latest computer technology to ensure timely completion and occupancy.


Superior results begin with wide ranging expertise across every construction specialty... over 21  years of project-specific experience that ultimately drives down costs in the long run.


At OMNI Construction, “exceeding the expectation” is no cliché. We demand excellence in planning, attention to detail and quality work at every level. We never compromise when it comes to our clients’ goals and interests. We are different. It shows in our work. It shows in the clients who keep coming back.

Hands-On Client Control

Each job is monitored all day, every day, by OMNI Construction professionals. OMNI Construction hand-selects a dedicated team from our staff to work with the client and help make their vision a reality. Regular meetings, daily reports, and a state-of-the-art computer tracking systems keep our clients aware of job-details during all stages of the construction project.